School Trips to Mongolia

Home to nomadic tribes, shamans, Reindeer herders, Russian speakers, Chinese Speakers, and Arabic speakers, Mongolia is perhaps the world’s most diverse landlocked nation. A civilization that shook up the course of human history, its steppes, deserts, lakes, and forests await your intrepid school group. 

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These are our favorites. Let’s talk about how to create your perfect school trip to Mongolia.

The Land of the Dinosaurs

In this classic school trip to Mongolia we explore the geology, history and pre-history of one of the world’s most inhospitable landscapes – the Gobi Desert. Together with some of the world’s most pre-eminent minds in paleontology we discover petroglyphs, dinosaur fossils, old world creatures and the human cultures that have subsisted through the ages as the survivors of the Gobi. This itinerary also covers hands-on studies of Mongolia’s cultural treasures and arts.

Emperors of the 13th Century

Once the largest empire in the world, this program takes your students back in time to the period of the Great Khan, Chingis Khan. In this program, students will comprehensively understand what Mongolia was truly like in the 13th century. They will learn about all facets of Mongol society, from the military tactics that allowed the empire to stretch from Asia to Europe to diving deep into Buddhism and Mongolian spirituality, particularly the relationship that traditional Mongolian culture has with the living world.

The Call of the Wild

Traditional Mongolian culture and animal conservation are intrinsically linked. Your students will head to the north of Mongolia, where they will meet the Tsaatan people, otherwise known as the reindeer people and shamans, who practice Mongolia’s very own religion, Tengrism. Apart from this, the group will visit one of the most remote and inaccessible locations in Mongolia, Khuvsgul Lake. Here, they will shadow park rangers to understand the rich biodiversity of the area better and learn about what conservation methods are being used to ensure the protection of this biodiversity.

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The Wildlife of Mongolia

This program is a unique amalgamation, combining elements from all of our programs to deliver a formative experience for your students. Starting in the capital Ulaanbaatar, students will be immersed into a nomadic life, learn about the attempts to repopulate wild horses on the steppe, understand Buddhism, and explore a national park with wild animals, including Wolves and Lynxes.