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WildMongolia Travel

Our leadership team are passionate professionals, travelers who believe deeply in the industry and aim to deliver the very best of travel, putting traveler experience at the vanguard of all that they do.

Co-founding Partner &
Managing Director

Uyanga Galbadrakh

Uyanga boasts a remarkable background, having graduated and worked as a business consultant in Japan before transitioning to business development in her home country of Mongolia across various industries. With a wealth of business expertise and an abiding passion for the Travel and Tourism industry, she’s uniquely positioned to guide our company toward new heights in delivering outstanding travel experiences.

Head of Corporate Services

Enkhzaya Julia Jamsran

Enkhzaya ( Julia ) Jamsran is Mongolian through and through with a lifelong desire to introduce her native country, its culture and its people to the world.

Julia has a law degree, logistics and hospitality industry experiences, but is, at heart, a project manager. She has helped grow Mongolia’s Playtime into an annual international Music Festival, has worked with international film crews, organized performing art exchange programs between Mongolia and other countries, and early in her career assisted with international aid programs to Mongolia.

Passionate about arts, music and travel, she hopes to use her position at Wild Mongolia to introduce her unique country to international travelers.

Travel Designer / Education Expert

Munkhnaran “MG” Batmunkh

Known to everyone around her as MG, Munkhnaran is an avid traveler and an experienced tour guide. An Ulaanbaatar native, this city girl is at home anywhere in Mongolia, from the remote Taiga of Khuvsgul to the Flaming Cliffs of the Gobi. Originally a journalist, she found her calling in the tourism field and has been creating unforgettable memories for travelers since 2008. During the travel-restricted years of the pandemic, she spent 3 years teaching English at a secondary school in Bulgan soum, South Gobi.  MG brings her extensive knowledge of Mongolia’s rich and diverse culture and her passion for teaching to crafting engaging educational programs at WildMongolia.

Head of Marketing

Bilguun Munkhjargal

Bilguun is a proud Mongolian repatriate with a passion for travel and a desire to share the stories of his homeland with the world.

After leaving Mongolia during its rapid post-Communist transition, he spent 15 years exploring the world and soaking up new experiences. When he returned to Mongolia, he did so with a newfound appreciation for his country and its people.

Bilguun leads WildMongolia’s marketing front, harnessing his passion for sharing the country’s rich cultural heritage and dynamic modern developments, as well as telling the stories of extraordinary Mongolians, with the rest of the world.