Mongolia is wild, and we’re here to keep it that way.

Sustainable travel

means curating experiences that turn the farthest reaches of possibility into reality, while keeping local people, culture and nature at the heart.

Mongolia - traditional shaman

From the paleontologists unearthing millennia-old dinosaurs in the Gobi

to the modern-day nomads maintaining an age-old lifestyle on the Steppe, to the park rangers protecting the diverse wildlife that call Lake Khövsgöl home, each person has a story to tell.

We’re here, not to bring that story to you, but to bring you face to face with that story, so you can make it part of your own.

Our years of on-the-ground experience enable us to go the extra mile to craft authentic, experiences. Browse our private tours in Mongolia.

Mongolia is a land of contrasts

Past mingles with present, arid fades to lush, and grasslands morph into snow-capped peaks. Nomadic herders live an ancient lifestyle, surrounded by the wind-swept grasses of the Steppe and the gentle braying of their herds.

Paleontologists trek through the Gobi in search of their next ossiferous find, one to join the velociraptor and inspire the next Jurassic Park.

Amid the sky-high Altai Mountains, eagle hunters ride through alpine landscapes, golden eagles perched, at the ready, on one arm.

On the northern border, the two-million year-old Khövsgöl Lake holds 70 percent of the country’s water. Here, reindeer herders dot the shore and rugged park rangers trek the forests, watching over the national park’s native wildlife.

In Ulaanbaatar

former nomads and city-born residents brush shoulders on the streets of the nation’s capital, betwixt an architectural medley of Soviet structures, modern skyscrapers and Buddhist monasteries

These practices, places and people are what make Mongolia the definition of wild. There is something here, between the soaring peaks and endless plains, for every kind of traveler.

Your journey awaits, in the land of eternal sky.

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